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Post by Captain Snyder on Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:20 pm

1. New players cannot play are not allowed to play a class, and must create a character sheet in order to play as anything other than a commoner.  
1.1 There will be a basic commoner sheet in the character section, for stat references.

2. You may not apply for a character above level 3, you must progress naturally through this world.
2.1 The current level cap is 5. Once you reach this level, you may not gain any additional experience.

3. A short rest takes 20 OOC minutes of being outside of combat.
3.1 A long rest takes 1 hour of being outside of combat.

4. Character HP must be the average score rounded up, plus constitution. You cannot roll for your health.

5. For your core stats, you must use Point buy, which you can find here
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